LJong Fic~

Just posting this here so my Ellen unnie can read and tell me what she thinks! Will edit it later with a title and probably post it in a Infinite fanfic community!

Title: Still untitled XD

Rating: PG-13, i guess?

Genre: Fluffy and cheesy cotton candy clouds and rainbows lol XD 

Couple: LJong;  ninja!Woogyu (cause i just couldn't resist lol)

  As far as Myungsoo could remember, he had always been a quiet child. He liked to sit down in some reserved place, forget about his surroundings and just think about nothing and everything. On his martial arts classes, he would be the only kid that actually concentrated, while the others just ran around screaming and playing like hyperactive little monsters – and he wondered how on earth adults though that he was the crazy one. His behavior had gotten him more visits to psychologists than he could count, until his parents finally settled with the “He’s just more mature than his age and quiet by nature” answer and just let him be. They had Moonsoo to cheer up the household anyway, and Myungsoo was totally okay with that. He just wanted his peace and calm, after all.

  But as he got more handsome by the second, people started paying good money for his looks and he ended up sucked into a frantic lifestyle. Modeling was pretty easy for him though, given he could just let his mind fly away while making slightly different poses and faces. Acting was also okay, as he enjoyed changing his mind into other people’s – it gave more free time for his own thoughts.

  Soon it was decided that he would be in a boyband, the face of the group. Initially Myungsoo thought live music was pretty noisy, but the first time he heard Sunggyu and Woohyun harmonizing, he wanted to kick himself for ever thinking something like that. As he took up singing, dancing and guitar lessons, he knew that was what he was meant to do forever, and at that time he was sure their music would be what he would always love the most.

  Then he met Lee Sungjong. The kid was all bright smiles and blushing cheeks, and Myungsoo thought that he was the most beautiful being in the whole universe. He also thought that Sungjong was so frail he might break if handled too roughly – some time later he would learn that no, Sungjong definitely didn’t break if handled too roughly.

  They hit it off instantly. Sungjong’s presence worked on him like an anesthetic, easing his mind and allowing him to sincerely smile more than he ever did in his whole life.  When they were together, the younger one was so loud and cheerful no one really noticed Myungsoo’s lack of words.  He could finally just sit down and think about Sungjong and his everything.

  Soon enough, their hands, eyes, lips would find each other naturally, like they both knew it was meant to be. The first time Myungsoo said “I love you”, bright red face buried into the other's peach scented brown hair, hands all over his skin, Sungjong laughed softly and pulled him closer, his whisper lingering on Myungsoo's lips – “Between us, ‘I love you’ is an understatement”.  

  Myungsoo then knew that it was perfectly fine to be quiet and awkward, as long as Sungjong was always there by his side to say the right things for him – to him.


A/N: GAH IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!!! XD LOL I hope you like it and that it appeases your recent craving for LJong, unnie XD


Fanfic: Your warmth

Title: Your warmth
Author: chikage_chan  
Pairings: OnKey; friendship!JongKey
Ratings: G
Genre: Fluff with a really tiny bit of angst
Summary: ~Also, whoever said that bullshit of “bros before hoes” obviously didn’t know Kim JongHyun and should die in a fire.~

A/N: This is my first k-pop fic and also the first one i wrote in english, so please bear it with me eheheheh XD I just had to give Kibum a happy ending after all the JongKyung and the depression going on at the JongKey fandom, so i decided to write this ^.^ Hope you guys like it!

Ps: Thanks for reading it and giving me your opinion first, unnie~~! ^.^ 



On the balcony, wearing only a wife beater and old flannel pants, I could feel the chilling wind characteristic of the beginning of the winter cutting through my bare skin. I guess it would be smarter of me to just go back into the comforting heat of our dormitory, but at that time I really needed the cold as an excuse for the tears welling up in my eyes and for my red runny nose.

Damned JongHyun had stood us up – again. It was the third freaking time in that month he had missed our weekly SHINee bonding movie night just so he could go out with her. Wasn’t it enough that he already talked about her, chatted on the phone with her, exchanged messages with her, dreamed about her, “insert anything here” with her all the time?! I swear I saw him doodling a picture of her in his toast with jam the other day, almost threw up on the spot.

Well, apparently it was not enough for him, and the though only made me even more bitter about it all. It was not that I wasn’t happy for him, you know… After all, he is – was? - my best friend, and I want him to be happy forever. But he really had to ditch me in order to stay with her? I mean, I put up with all his problems and stayed by his side for more than 3 years, and suddenly, as soon as he finds a girl, I’m not that useful anymore?!

It totally hurt.

Also, whoever said that bullshit of “bros before hoes” obviously didn’t know Kim JongHyun and should die in a fire.

Call me selfish, bitchy or anything, but I just wanted my best friend back. I wanted to wake up with him pinching my cheek and asking for food; I wanted to fool around with him on stage; I wanted to go shopping with him; I wanted him to answer my messages normally instead of getting a half-assed “I’m with Kyungie<3 Talk to you later!” as a reply 30 minutes later.

I closed my eyes and huffed angrily, holding back another round of tears, as I really didn’t want to cry over it anymore. Suddenly, I could feel a blanket being wrapped around me by a pair of strong arms. Long strands of blonde hair tickled my cheek as he leaned his chin on my shoulder, and I couldn’t help the tired sigh that left my mouth.

“It has gotten pretty cold, right, Jinki hyung?” I whispered, looking up at the dark cloudy sky.

He hummed a low affirmative sound, as he blew warm air on my neck and tightened his hold on my waist.

“Are we even talking about the same kind of coldness, Jinki-ya?” I said, trying to hide my trembling voice behind a dry chuckle.

“I don’t know.” He paused, nuzzling his nose behind my ear. It made me feel hotter than the blanket, to tell you the truth. “I just know your warmth.”

“Oh my God, so cheesy!” I said through a fit of giggles, turning around to join my hands on the small of his back and locked my eyes with his. Even though he was as hurt as me, he still managed to bring back my smile. I buried my face on his chest, feeling guilty for adding up his worries. “Thanks, Jinki-ya.”

He just pulled me closer and kissed the top of my head, taking a deep breath. The lingering feel of his lips made me smile like a fool. “It’s gonna be alright, Kibum-ah… I’m sure of it.”

And you know what? Just by being there, listening to his heartbeat, drowning in his scent and sharing a blanket, I knew that, yeah, things were definitely going to be alright.
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I`v been tagged XD

Hisashiburi!!! Does anyone still reads this LJ? (I don`t think so, even i don`t read it XD)
Well, as the title says, i`v been tagged by my narisa_rei unnie! And since I was really in need of rambling a little, i decided to answer it! Here it goes!

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1. I love to sleep late and wake up late XD If I could, I would like to sleep for a whole day without worrying about nothing... But right now its kinda impossible, since I`ve got to study, and study, and study... T.T

2. I love anime and manga since i read Card Captor Sakura when i was in the first year of middle school. And even though my fandom kinda changed to k-pop since last year, I still love it to bits ^.^

3. I love asian languages, especially Japanese, Korean and Chinese, and my goal in life is to learn them all (japanese is accomplished, two to go XD)

4. I prefer salty food over sweet stuff. And can`t stand spicy food >_<

5. I`m very grateful to Ellen unnie, as she introduced me to DBSK XD Their existance made my life way happier than it ever was, even though now I`m suffering with them... But I still believe things will be fine in the end ^.^ Always keep the faith~!

6. I can`t live without music in general. The love i have for it is what keeps me going on when i`m too sad ^.^

7. I miss Japan like hell >_< There are days that the longing for the time spent there, the people i met and the places i went is so hard to take that i almost cant manage continue doing my normal routine... But im definitely going back someday, even it it takes a long time! For now, i can just lift my head up and live my life the best way i can! Ganbarimasu!! o/

About the tagging, the only friend i have in LJ that i could tag is my unnie, but as she is the one that tagged me i cant send it to her again... My other friends are all fanfic writers, and i dont feel like I could bother them with this, as they dont even know me... XD
Well, thanks for reading ahahahaahha XD
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Late Weekend performances XD

Just stopping by to drop last Sunday`s performances, starting with SuJu`s GoodBye Stage! ^_^
Aigoo, I`m going to miss them soooooooo much!! >_< Please don`t be away for too long this time, boys!! Anyway, I liked this perf a lot! ^^ TeukTeuk oppa saying Happy Birthday to RyeoWook was sooooooo cute!! *O* Oh, and I really had forgotten how much the ending HeeChul part is weird ahuahuahuahuahuahua XD

Moving on with SHINee!
It seems that FINALLY their stylist is doing things right!! *relieved that Key isn`t wearing tight pink clothes xD* Their perf was awesome as always, nothing less than expected from this amazing cutie pies XD I love that Onew colorful shirt, it`s such a happy and hot pattern ^_^ And even though I prefer TaeMinnie`s hair straight, there`s no way Baby can look bad! *even if he was bald I would still want to pinch his cheeks XD*

Lastly, the winners of the night, 2NE1! *O*
I`m sooooo happy that they won again!! Two weeks in a row! *O* Omedetou!!! And this perf was space style too, which makes it even better!! For the first time I LOVED all their outfits and hair styles, including Sandara!!! Keep this up, girl!!! o/ CL is sooo cool, MinJi is the most kakkoi girl I`ve seen in my whole life, Bommie is such a doll!! Kyaaaaaa!!! This is the best girl group EVER, can`t wait for their first mini album!! 2NE1 fighting!!! \o/

Video Credits: CodeMonmonSeason3 @youtube


Changing languages XD

OK, so I decided to write in english here XD This is because I normally don`t see people writing in portuguese in Livejournal, and also because all of my friends that blog here also write in english XD So, if you read this poor blog and liked when it was in portuguese, give me a shout at the comments and I might consider translating it back again ^_^

Changing topics... this weekend is the last one SuJu is going to perform for the Sorry Sorry album promotions!!! I feel so sad and longing for them already... >_< Kyunnie!! DongHae!! Please come back soon!! T_T

Well, at least I still have SHINee and Tohoshinki to spazz over, and 2NE1 and SNSD to cheer for! I can barely wait for Soshi`s comeback next week!!! The 30s teaser sounds soooo cool, and Sunny Bunny is so freaking cute!! *o* If you still didn`t take a look at it, just click on the play button and get into the world fo Tell me your wish (Genie), their new song!

There are some rumors that the guy`s voice on the teaser is Tohoshinki`s Park YooChun`s, but I highly doubt... U_U I think his voice is deeper and huskier... But it doesn`t matter, the song is still hot! Soshi fighting!! \o/

Getting back to SuJu, here goes their goodbye stage from Music Core! They performed Its you (only a part of it) and Sorry Sorry (with some little cuts). The outfits were "Sorry Sorry style" suits, and i liked it lots! ^_^ *the one that loves seeing SiWonnie in suits XP* The banner they held in the end, so sweet! *O*

Today is truly their last perf, I don`t know if I want the time for it to arrive quickly or not... Aish, why do they have to go!?!? >_<

Video Credits: CodeMonmonSeason2 @youtube



SHINee, 2NE1, SuJu e bônus XD

Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Enfim o final de semana tao esperado chegou! Naum aguentava mais fazer apresentaçao de trabalho e estudar pra teste >_< Mas vamos deixar a minha vida pessoal sem sal de lado e ir logo para as apresentaçoes, que eh o que realmente interessa XD
Ontem foi dia de Music Bank, e foi tambem a estreia das meninas do 2NE1 por lah! Finalmente elas quebraram a rotina de soh se apresentarem uma vez por semana, no Inkigayo! E quebraram com muito estilo, como sempre! A caracterizaçao da perf foi feita baseada na Space Version dos MVs, que por sinal eh minha favorita!! ^_^ Espero que elas continuem  com esse conceito, valoriza muito mais as divas que elas sao! Tirando a Dara, que voltou com a maldita palmeira, AMEI o cabelo de todas! Principalmente da CL, o cabelo normal dela eh tao lisinho e brilhante! *o* E a abertura (usando salto alto!!) que a Minzy fez foi muito demais! Mal posso esperar pra elas se apresentarem de novo no domingo!

Seguindo com SHINee...
A perf foi mara e as vozes estavam otimas como sempre, mas eles tinham que usar aquele figurino "borboleta colorida" HORRENDO de novo?? >_< Tenho certeza que isso é influencia do Key, o Fofolete deve A-MAR essa calça colada cor de rosa... XD Argh, essas roupas sao a unica coisa que eu naum gosto nas promoçoes de Juliette... Mas como eles sao fofuxos por natureza, tao perdoados XD

Agora, vamos de Suju!
Parece que o cabelo multicolor do YeSung veio pra ficar mesmo... Soh nos resta rezar para que essa criatura bobona volte ao seu "quase normal" senso de ridiculo XD Pelo menos a voz continua otima hohohohohoh ^-^ O TeukTeuk parecia cansado, nem fez as caras hilarias que ele sempre faz... T_T Sera que finalmente o cansaço das promoçoes tah batendo? >_< Desde que nenhum deles desmaie (tipo o coitado do HyunJoong) ou fique doente eu to feliz.... Vamos ver como vai ser a perf de amanha ne! ^^

BONUS TRACK: 8Eight - Goodbye My Love

Na quinta feira foi lançado o MV e a versao repacked do album The Golden Age, contendo a nova musica de trabalho Goodbye My Love, e uma outra chamada No One Cries Because They Want To. As duas sao otimas, vale a pena escutar! ^_^ E ontem o trio voltou a ativa, em uma apresentaçao muito bonita! Ah, e estrelando o MV temos a fofissima Kim So Eun (que interpretou a Ga Eul em Boys Over Flowers) e o Jung Jin Woon, do 2AM (mesmo eu naum ligando muito pro OneDay, tenho que admitir que ele falando Saranghae foi muito gracinha! XD).  Seguem o MV e a performance!

Creditos dos Videos: CodeMonmonSeason2 @youtube

Performances meio atrasadas XD

Passei hoje por aqui soh para deixar as performances de ontem! Finalmente as encontrei em HD no Youtube, graças ao retorno do canal do CodeMonmon!!! *lagrimas de felicidade* Nao sabia mais o que ia fazer sem as perfs com qualidade super perfeita dele... Obrigada por ter voltado!!!

Entao vamos direto ao assunto, começando pelo 2NE1:

Os cortes de cabelo estavam todos otimos ontem!! O da CL entao, foi a primeira vez que eu achei fofinho ahahahha XD Soh naum gostei muito do estilo da Dara, mas uma hora ela acerta XD A montagem do palco ficou muito legal, com os espelhos e o neon dando um aspecto futuristico. E, como sempre, a presença de palco esteve otima! Adorei a estrela que a Bommie desenha durante o primeiro solo dela, muito fofa!! *o*

Seguindo com Suju!
OK, alguem pode me explicar que diabos foi aquilo que fizeram no cabelo do YeSung?!!?!? Como eu vi alguem comentando no Youtube, parece que jogaram alvejante na cabeça do coitado do menino!!! Tava tao fofinho ruivinho, foi mexer pra que?!!? Tenho certeza que o hair stylist deles tem usado suas pobres cabecinhas pra fazer experiencias com novas tinturas... Primeiro KangIn, agora o YeSung... Quem sera a proxima vitima?!!? (Desde que naum seja o DongHae e o Kyunnie eu to feliz hohohohohoh XD)
De resto tava tudo otimo, adorei o figurino de todos! Atentar pra expressao facial do Teukkie a partir dos 16 segundos, imperdivel XD E tambem para o solo do EunHyuk no segundo refrao, a mudança que ele fez na dança ficou muito maneira! ^_^
Ah, e quase que eu esqueço! AMEI a Chulla mudando o finalzinho da musica e falando "Juliette", com direito a dancinha e tudo mais!! XD É SHINee sendo os maiores fã boys do Tohoshinki, é SuJu promovendo SHINee... Ah, o amor dos grupos da SM Town me emocionando mais uma vez *enxuga cantinho do olho* SM Figthing!!! o/

Semana que vem tem mais, pessoal! XD

Creditos dos Videos: CodeMonmonSeason2 @youtube

EDIT ----//----

Tava rodando por esse mundo vasto da internet e achei esse video ai de baixo:

MHUAHUAUHAHUAHAUHUAHAUAHUAUH!!! JJ cute fail XDD Ele tah lah todo feliz tirando a camisa para a alegria geral da naçao, ai vem o Chunnie e solta um "tem uma camera ali ó!"! A cara de "ferrou!" que o JaeJoongie fez antes de sair correndo foi tao hilaria!!! XD É por isso que eu amo esses meninos!! Hahahahaahha!

Creditos do Video: the1ay1a @youtube


SHINee Weekend!

Final de semana totalmente brilhante com o SHINee! (eita trocadilho tosco... XD) De qualquer maneira, to postando as apresentaçoes de ontem e de hoje dos meninos mais fofuxos do k-pop! ^_^

Primeiro, a apresentaçao de ontem no Music Core:

Essa perf foi linda *o* Adorei o figurino, e o palco tambem tava muito bem montado!! Espero que eles arrebatem muitos mais premios com esse comeback, eles merecem!

Agora, a de hoje, no Inkigayo:

As roupas que o Key e o MinHo usaram na perf de Juliette naum me agradaram naum... muito femininas pro meu gosto (as de Talk To You foram bem mais legais na minha opiniao...). Principalmente a do Key, rosa+costas abertas+cabelo loiro/ruivo naum funcionou legal... XD Mas mesmo com o figurino naum sendo dos melhores, a performance foi boa ^_^ Vocais otimos, a dança como sempre de cair o queixo... Esses meninos sao tao fodas que nem parecem que debutaram ano passado! *aperta as bochechas do TaeMinnie* Gracinhas! Eles naum levaram pra casa o Mutizen hoje (mas como foi o SuJu que ganhou ainda fico feliz ^_^), porem semana que vem tem mais! Espero que eles promovam Please, Don`t Go tambem, adoooooooooro essa balada *o*

Assim que eu achar as perfs de Its You e Fire em HD eu volto pra postá-las! o/

Creditos do Video: prot0980 @youtube

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SHINee WINS!! *o*

Aigooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Os bebes fofuxos do SHINee tao arrasando o quarteirao!! No dia do comeback eles jah arrebatam um premio, e ainda por cima competindo com os super sunbaes Super Junior!!! *o* O JongHyun parecia que tava tendo um treco de tanta emoçao, dei muita pala dele, tadinho auahahuahuahauahauhuah XD A cara que o Key fez entao, parecia que ele nunca mais ia conseguir fechar a boca auhahauhauhauhaahu XD Amei!! Ah, e meus parabens ao dentista do Onew, os dentes novos do menino ficaram muito bons (gomen, eu naum podia deixar de dar uma zoada no lider fofuxo... XD).

Segue o link da apresentaçao de hoje e do winning!

Winning + encore:

Podem fazer a dancinha da vitoria o quanto voces quiserem, lindos, voces merecem ^___^

De lambuja to postando tambem a apresentaçao dos meninos do SuJu! Nao gostei muito do figurino de hoje naum, o rosinha algodao doce naum me desceu bem... Mas ouvir Its You e ver o Kyu e o DongHae é sempre bom neh! XD

Ah, mudando totalmente de assunto... Eu quase entrei em choque quando vi que o canal CodeMonmon tinha saido do ar hoje!! parece que as companhias cairam matando nele por causa de direitos e tals... >_< Argh, soh porque era o melhor de todos e trazia performances em HD pra felicidade da geral... Espero que ele renasça das cinzas!! \o/  De qualquer maneira, amanha eu vou substituir os videos que foram deletados, mas naum garanto a qualidade boa... >_< Argh, maldito Iutubiu!

Creditos dos videos: saintverdy @youtube
                                      mickeymildz @youtube
                                      EuNteUk @youtube

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Performances do final de semana!! ^_^

Esse final de semana foi cheio de performances otimas! A IU esteve fofinha como sempre com BOO, e a diva Son DamBi teve seu goodbye stage, muito mara! ^_^

Hoje vou postar as duas apresentaçoes de It`s You feitas pelo SuJu ontem e hoje! Primeiro, a de sabado:
Esses meninos sao tudo de bão! Adorei o HanKyung de oculos, ficou muito fofo! O KangIn ouviu as minhas preces e tirou aquela jaqueta cintilante horrenda, que Deus o abençoe! O figurino dessa performance foi bem produzido, na minha opiniao. O cabelo novo do SungMin faz até com que ele pareça não ser tao gay auhahahuahuahuahuahu XD Tambem adorei o corte cuia do ShinDong, combinou com ele! ^_^
SiWon e DongHae estao ficando mais gostosos a cada segundo, dá-lhe saude!! XD

Agora, a performance de hoje!
Atoooooooron as luvinhas do KyuHyunnie nessa perf, prateado super fashion! XD Esse figurino branco ficou muito bom, adorei! Tadinho do DongHae, o transmissor do retorno dele (se eu naum me engano eh isso que fica preso nas costas deles XD) caiu lah pro minuto 1.46... Mas todo mundo desviou dele com muita classe ahuauhauhahua XD E a tirada de jaqueta do EunHyuk... Super sexy! Eu não ligava muito pro EunHyuk antes, mas ele tem subido muito no meu conceito! ^_^ Mal posso esperar pelas performances de semana que vem!

E a apresentaçao mais esperada de semana, as meninas do 2NE1 estao de volta!! E arrasaram geral hoje, essa segunda perf foi milhoes de vezes melhor do que o debut, sendo que esse jah tinha sido otimo!! Segue o video:
O cabelo da CL me deu arrepios de tao feio, mas ela sendo o GD de saia, já era de se esperar que ele teria um gosto estranho para hair fashion... XD A Dara trocou a palmeira por um monte de rabos de cavalo, mas ate que eu achei fofinho XD A Bommie soltou o vozeirao, e melhorou bastante as expressoes faciais e presença de palco! ^_^ A Minzy foi otima, adoro as danças loucas dela! Hahahahaah XD Ah, e os acessorios feitos de lego sao super show!! *o*

Agora vou assistir ao MIROTIC TOUR \o/ Semana que vem tem mais!!

Video Credits: brandoaa2003 @youtube
saintverdy @youtube
SoopieSan @youtube