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October 2011

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October 14th, 2011


LJong Fic~

Just posting this here so my Ellen unnie can read and tell me what she thinks! Will edit it later with a title and probably post it in a Infinite fanfic community!

Title: Still untitled XD

Rating: PG-13, i guess?

Genre: Fluffy and cheesy cotton candy clouds and rainbows lol XD 

Couple: LJong;  ninja!Woogyu (cause i just couldn't resist lol)

  As far as Myungsoo could remember, he had always been a quiet child. He liked to sit down in some reserved place, forget about his surroundings and just think about nothing and everything. On his martial arts classes, he would be the only kid that actually concentrated, while the others just ran around screaming and playing like hyperactive little monsters – and he wondered how on earth adults though that he was the crazy one. His behavior had gotten him more visits to psychologists than he could count, until his parents finally settled with the “He’s just more mature than his age and quiet by nature” answer and just let him be. They had Moonsoo to cheer up the household anyway, and Myungsoo was totally okay with that. He just wanted his peace and calm, after all.

  But as he got more handsome by the second, people started paying good money for his looks and he ended up sucked into a frantic lifestyle. Modeling was pretty easy for him though, given he could just let his mind fly away while making slightly different poses and faces. Acting was also okay, as he enjoyed changing his mind into other people’s – it gave more free time for his own thoughts.

  Soon it was decided that he would be in a boyband, the face of the group. Initially Myungsoo thought live music was pretty noisy, but the first time he heard Sunggyu and Woohyun harmonizing, he wanted to kick himself for ever thinking something like that. As he took up singing, dancing and guitar lessons, he knew that was what he was meant to do forever, and at that time he was sure their music would be what he would always love the most.

  Then he met Lee Sungjong. The kid was all bright smiles and blushing cheeks, and Myungsoo thought that he was the most beautiful being in the whole universe. He also thought that Sungjong was so frail he might break if handled too roughly – some time later he would learn that no, Sungjong definitely didn’t break if handled too roughly.

  They hit it off instantly. Sungjong’s presence worked on him like an anesthetic, easing his mind and allowing him to sincerely smile more than he ever did in his whole life.  When they were together, the younger one was so loud and cheerful no one really noticed Myungsoo’s lack of words.  He could finally just sit down and think about Sungjong and his everything.

  Soon enough, their hands, eyes, lips would find each other naturally, like they both knew it was meant to be. The first time Myungsoo said “I love you”, bright red face buried into the other's peach scented brown hair, hands all over his skin, Sungjong laughed softly and pulled him closer, his whisper lingering on Myungsoo's lips – “Between us, ‘I love you’ is an understatement”.  

  Myungsoo then knew that it was perfectly fine to be quiet and awkward, as long as Sungjong was always there by his side to say the right things for him – to him.


A/N: GAH IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!!! XD LOL I hope you like it and that it appeases your recent craving for LJong, unnie XD