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October 2011

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Changing languages XD

OK, so I decided to write in english here XD This is because I normally don`t see people writing in portuguese in Livejournal, and also because all of my friends that blog here also write in english XD So, if you read this poor blog and liked when it was in portuguese, give me a shout at the comments and I might consider translating it back again ^_^

Changing topics... this weekend is the last one SuJu is going to perform for the Sorry Sorry album promotions!!! I feel so sad and longing for them already... >_< Kyunnie!! DongHae!! Please come back soon!! T_T

Well, at least I still have SHINee and Tohoshinki to spazz over, and 2NE1 and SNSD to cheer for! I can barely wait for Soshi`s comeback next week!!! The 30s teaser sounds soooo cool, and Sunny Bunny is so freaking cute!! *o* If you still didn`t take a look at it, just click on the play button and get into the world fo Tell me your wish (Genie), their new song!

There are some rumors that the guy`s voice on the teaser is Tohoshinki`s Park YooChun`s, but I highly doubt... U_U I think his voice is deeper and huskier... But it doesn`t matter, the song is still hot! Soshi fighting!! \o/

Getting back to SuJu, here goes their goodbye stage from Music Core! They performed Its you (only a part of it) and Sorry Sorry (with some little cuts). The outfits were "Sorry Sorry style" suits, and i liked it lots! ^_^ *the one that loves seeing SiWonnie in suits XP* The banner they held in the end, so sweet! *O*

Today is truly their last perf, I don`t know if I want the time for it to arrive quickly or not... Aish, why do they have to go!?!? >_<

Video Credits: CodeMonmonSeason2 @youtube