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October 2011

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I`v been tagged XD

Hisashiburi!!! Does anyone still reads this LJ? (I don`t think so, even i don`t read it XD)
Well, as the title says, i`v been tagged by my narisa_rei unnie! And since I was really in need of rambling a little, i decided to answer it! Here it goes!

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1. I love to sleep late and wake up late XD If I could, I would like to sleep for a whole day without worrying about nothing... But right now its kinda impossible, since I`ve got to study, and study, and study... T.T

2. I love anime and manga since i read Card Captor Sakura when i was in the first year of middle school. And even though my fandom kinda changed to k-pop since last year, I still love it to bits ^.^

3. I love asian languages, especially Japanese, Korean and Chinese, and my goal in life is to learn them all (japanese is accomplished, two to go XD)

4. I prefer salty food over sweet stuff. And can`t stand spicy food >_<

5. I`m very grateful to Ellen unnie, as she introduced me to DBSK XD Their existance made my life way happier than it ever was, even though now I`m suffering with them... But I still believe things will be fine in the end ^.^ Always keep the faith~!

6. I can`t live without music in general. The love i have for it is what keeps me going on when i`m too sad ^.^

7. I miss Japan like hell >_< There are days that the longing for the time spent there, the people i met and the places i went is so hard to take that i almost cant manage continue doing my normal routine... But im definitely going back someday, even it it takes a long time! For now, i can just lift my head up and live my life the best way i can! Ganbarimasu!! o/

About the tagging, the only friend i have in LJ that i could tag is my unnie, but as she is the one that tagged me i cant send it to her again... My other friends are all fanfic writers, and i dont feel like I could bother them with this, as they dont even know me... XD
Well, thanks for reading ahahahaahha XD