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October 2011

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Fanfic: Your warmth

Title: Your warmth
Author: chikage_chan  
Pairings: OnKey; friendship!JongKey
Ratings: G
Genre: Fluff with a really tiny bit of angst
Summary: ~Also, whoever said that bullshit of “bros before hoes” obviously didn’t know Kim JongHyun and should die in a fire.~

A/N: This is my first k-pop fic and also the first one i wrote in english, so please bear it with me eheheheh XD I just had to give Kibum a happy ending after all the JongKyung and the depression going on at the JongKey fandom, so i decided to write this ^.^ Hope you guys like it!

Ps: Thanks for reading it and giving me your opinion first, unnie~~! ^.^ 



On the balcony, wearing only a wife beater and old flannel pants, I could feel the chilling wind characteristic of the beginning of the winter cutting through my bare skin. I guess it would be smarter of me to just go back into the comforting heat of our dormitory, but at that time I really needed the cold as an excuse for the tears welling up in my eyes and for my red runny nose.

Damned JongHyun had stood us up – again. It was the third freaking time in that month he had missed our weekly SHINee bonding movie night just so he could go out with her. Wasn’t it enough that he already talked about her, chatted on the phone with her, exchanged messages with her, dreamed about her, “insert anything here” with her all the time?! I swear I saw him doodling a picture of her in his toast with jam the other day, almost threw up on the spot.

Well, apparently it was not enough for him, and the though only made me even more bitter about it all. It was not that I wasn’t happy for him, you know… After all, he is – was? - my best friend, and I want him to be happy forever. But he really had to ditch me in order to stay with her? I mean, I put up with all his problems and stayed by his side for more than 3 years, and suddenly, as soon as he finds a girl, I’m not that useful anymore?!

It totally hurt.

Also, whoever said that bullshit of “bros before hoes” obviously didn’t know Kim JongHyun and should die in a fire.

Call me selfish, bitchy or anything, but I just wanted my best friend back. I wanted to wake up with him pinching my cheek and asking for food; I wanted to fool around with him on stage; I wanted to go shopping with him; I wanted him to answer my messages normally instead of getting a half-assed “I’m with Kyungie<3 Talk to you later!” as a reply 30 minutes later.

I closed my eyes and huffed angrily, holding back another round of tears, as I really didn’t want to cry over it anymore. Suddenly, I could feel a blanket being wrapped around me by a pair of strong arms. Long strands of blonde hair tickled my cheek as he leaned his chin on my shoulder, and I couldn’t help the tired sigh that left my mouth.

“It has gotten pretty cold, right, Jinki hyung?” I whispered, looking up at the dark cloudy sky.

He hummed a low affirmative sound, as he blew warm air on my neck and tightened his hold on my waist.

“Are we even talking about the same kind of coldness, Jinki-ya?” I said, trying to hide my trembling voice behind a dry chuckle.

“I don’t know.” He paused, nuzzling his nose behind my ear. It made me feel hotter than the blanket, to tell you the truth. “I just know your warmth.”

“Oh my God, so cheesy!” I said through a fit of giggles, turning around to join my hands on the small of his back and locked my eyes with his. Even though he was as hurt as me, he still managed to bring back my smile. I buried my face on his chest, feeling guilty for adding up his worries. “Thanks, Jinki-ya.”

He just pulled me closer and kissed the top of my head, taking a deep breath. The lingering feel of his lips made me smile like a fool. “It’s gonna be alright, Kibum-ah… I’m sure of it.”

And you know what? Just by being there, listening to his heartbeat, drowning in his scent and sharing a blanket, I knew that, yeah, things were definitely going to be alright.


d'awww.. that was cute~
cheesy dubu~ can't imagine him saying cheesy lines irl, but i'd love to see that if he does that any time in the future. keke..

not a big fan of OnKey, but i guess i can put up with any SHINee pairings, even with JongHo or MinHyun. keke..

and ur writing is so damn good gurl, what is this?? you should write MOAAARRR!!!

now i'm off to go to your next fic.
yeah LJong!! XD
I swear to god i thought you had already read this fic, unnie!! O.O I posted it in an OnKey comm too! See the PS on my author note up there, you totally read it already!! XD
Im not the biggest OnKey fan too, but i wrote this around the time of the JongKyung drama, so i just wanted the rest of SHINee to be happy too lol XD
Glad you liked it~